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Physical Rehabilitation in Hudson, WI

When you injure yourself, the toughest part is waiting on healing so you can participate in the things you love again.

We completely understand that anxious feeling to get back to what you enjoy.

Hope Chiropractic uses cold laser therapy and RockTape as part of physical rehabilitation to help reduce pain and inflammation to help you heal quicker because we want you to get back to your life safely and fully healed as quickly as possible.

Cold Laser Therapy

Erchonia is the laser Hope Chiropractic uses and has proven that treatment has many different applications. We use it to make you better during the rehab process.

Cold laser therapy is meant to reduce pain and inflammation. Using cold laser therapy stimulates ATP production as we focus on issues that are related to joint and muscle pain.

Studies were given to the FDA so they could approve cold laser therapy as a recognized medical treatment. Results were astounding as there was a marked improvement in all subjects that were provided with a combination of cold laser therapy as well as chiropractic care.

We use both to provide you with an experience that will make it easier for you to get back in the game.

RockTape as Another Step in Therapy

Have you ever seen an athlete with tape across their legs or maybe across their back?

That is RockTape, and it is meant to "run interference" with your pain signals.

Not only does RockTape make the pain feel better, but it is also used to reduce inflammation as well as to stabilize the affected area to give you more stability and security in your movement.

What this means for you is that inflammation goes away faster because the tape lifts the skin layer just enough to give way for the muscles to heal underneath. Even if you are injured, your muscle tone will retain its coordination with other muscles as part of the process.

Heal Faster, Get Better, Get Back to Life

Here at Hope Chiropractic, we want to work with you to help you heal as quickly as possible as you work your way through rehab after an injury.

Contact us so we can help you conquer your injury and get back to being active! We serve Hudson and the surrounding cities of Lakeland, Boardman, Roberts and River Falls Wisconsin.