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Why 35.5M People Choose Chiropractic for Natural Pain Treatment

Written By Hope Chiropractic on December 10, 2018

More Americans wake up every day to the idea that popping a pill for every ache and pain creates a dangerous cycle. 

At best, you might develop a tolerance to OTC pain medication or stomach damage from ibuprofen. At worst, you could find yourself on the wrong end of an opiate addiction. 

To top it off, many Americans lack adequate healthcare coverage. The costs of doctor visits, tests, and surgeries can add up very quickly. 

The good news is that chiropractic care from Hope Chiropractic in Hudson, Wisconsin offers an effective long-term natural pain treatment choice.

4 Reasons Why More People Choose Chiropractic Care for Natural Pain Treatment

According to a recent Gallup poll, over 35.5 million people sought chiropractic care over the past 12 months. A whopping 95 percent of those said their chiro care effectively treated their condition.

Not only that, but 88 percent believed chiropractic care was cost-effective – especially in terms of value.

So, what’s behind the rising number of patients seeking chiropractic care for natural pain relief? Here are a few possibilities.

  1. Drug-Free Pain Relief: The American College of Physicians now recommends seeking non-narcotic solutions to pain relief before anything else. This is a pressing issue considering that North America is in the grips of a widespread opiate epidemic from over-prescribing medications.
  2. Whole-Body Wellness: Chiropractic care doesn’t just improve spine health – it can also improve the digestive system, immune system, respiratory system, and overall wellness across the entire body. Remember that everything is connected.
  3. Affordable Treatment: Even if you see your chiropractor on a regular basis, it’s still more cost-effective than regular physician visits – especially expensive surgeries.
  4. Long-Term Effectiveness: Conventional medical treatment typically seeks to alleviate symptoms. This does little to identify and treat the root causes of your pain. Chiropractic care, on the other hand, targets pain at its source which encourages long-term relief.

Comprehensive Chiropractic Care in Hudson, Wisconsin

Making an appointment with a chiropractor is an excellent first step to take towards long-term whole-body health. Say goodbye to the pills and hello to life without pain.

Dr. Carolyn Wanken has nearly 20 years of experience providing natural pain relief to countless patients in Hudson, Wisconsin. Dr. Carolyn assesses each patient’s individual condition and health history to develop a comprehensive and personalized natural pain treatment program. 

Contact Hope Chiropractic at (715) 381-1800 to schedule an appointment today.

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