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Looking for an Effective Low Back Pain Treatment? It's Time to Try Chiropractic!

Written By Hope Chiropractic on July 13, 2018

Did you know, 8/10 adults suffer from lower back pain?

They may be able to do their daily chores with the back pain being a constant niggle in the background, or they may suddenly find themselves incapacitated and completely limited in their movements. 

If this rings any bells, you may be interested to learn more about chiropractic care. 

After all, a third of those who visit their chiropractor in the US are looking for a low back pain treatment.

Why? Because chiropractic is a revered technique that’s proven to be effective in effectively treating these types of aches and pains. 

When Low Back Pain Treatment Becomes Necessary 

Has the onset of your back pain coincided with a change in your lifestyle? For example, are you pregnant, have you put on weight, or have you stopped exercising? All of these factors can contribute toward your back pain, as can simply getting older.

Or, it’s perhaps your back pain started after you lifted something heavy.

Incorrect lifting techniques are the primary cause of many back injuries and back pain. You may have developed tiny muscles tears or could have suffered a disc injury. 

By visiting our chiropractic office in Hudson, WI, we’ll be able to find the underlying cause of your pain before helping you combat it once and for all. 

Introducing a Tailored Chiropractic Treatment Program

When you first visit our chiropractic office, we’ll carry out an examination of the area that’s causing you pain, as well as look at your back as a whole. This will enable us to establish the root cause of the problem and the best techniques to treat it. 

Putting together a treatment plan that’s individualized to your needs, this chiropractic program will be tailored to offer an alleviation of your symptoms and improved mobility in your back. 

This could include traditional chiropractic techniques like manual adjustments, whereby the chiropractor uses their hands to apply a gentle thrust of force to your back. By carrying out this movement in various areas, it will help realign and mobilize your spine. We may also massage the muscles in this area to eradicate any built-up tension or perform laser therapy to reduce pain and promote healing.

How soon will you feel the benefits?

Some patients notice instant relief after their first consultation. And when teamed with the lifestyle advice of your chiropractor, which may include dietary changes and exercises you can do at home, your ongoing recovery will be quick and effective. It will also help you prevent any future or recurring injuries. 

For low back pain treatment that’s drug - and pain-free, contact our team today to get the chiropractic care you need at Hope Chiropractic in Hudson, WI. Simply visit us online or call 715-381-1800 today.

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