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5 Signs You May Need Herniated Disc Treatment

Written By Hope Chiropractic on March 8, 2019

Do you have a herniated disc? Some people experience a herniated disc and never know it. Symptoms can be excruciating, but for some, they can be almost non-existent. 

Read on to learn if your back pain, or other symptoms, are due to a herniated disc - and discover what can be done to help alleviate and heal the problem.

What Is a Herniated Disc and How Does It Happen?

When the cushions, or disc, between the vertebrae of your spine slip, rupture, or start to wear down it leads to a herniated disc. The disc is made of a jelly-like substance, which gets pushed out when you rupture a disc. It causes pain, not only to your spine and back, but it can also spread to other areas.

Ruptured discs don't only hurt your back. Whether you have a rupture in the neck or the lower back, some of the added symptoms can include:

1. Numbness 

The numbness can happen in any body part.

2. Burning or Tingling Sensations

This symptom often happens along with numbness.

3. Pain 

Pain will start at the point of herniation, and spread from there.

4. Stiffness

Muscle stiffness and stiffness in your neck are common.

5. Muscle Spasms and Weakness

You may have lower back spasms or find it difficult to move around due to muscle weakness.

Herniated Disc Treatment

While surgery is a final choice for treating disc pain, there are options for herniated disc treatment that don't require surgery. Chiropractic care is usually the best option for herniated disc treatment. There are some techniques and different manipulations that will ease (and maybe even stop) the pain from a herniated disc.

Studies have shown that herniated disc treatment through a chiropractor takes about 19 visits over a span of 43 days to begin seeing improvements. That's less time for healing than the time you'd be off your feet after surgery. Back and disc surgery also have risks that could increase your chronic pain.

If a slipped disc is keeping you from enjoying hikes in the beautiful Wisconsin woods or preventing you from spending time on the river, a chiropractor visit can help.

Starting Your Herniated Disc Treatment in Hudson, WI

Dr. Wanken has more than 10 years of experience as a certified chiropractor, let her help you find better health and a pain-free life today!

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